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Form DR62 Petition for Change of Name



This form is needs filed in the county where the minor resides.  Visit the following link for other forms required along with the Petition: https://www.courts.state.md.us/family/forms/namechange.html.  If the child is less than 1 year old, parents can usually change their name without a court order.

“Petition for Change of Name (Minor) DR62 Step 1”

The Petition is simple to fill out.  Sign the petition after its completion and complete the heading and first paragraph of the Notice for Publication.  Also, complete the Order for Change of Name and leave the space for the judge’s signature blank. 

“Petition for Change of Name (Minor) DR62 Step 2”

To make things easier, the petitioner should submit the Petition to the Circuit Clerk with signed consent forms from all parents, guardians, and custodians requiring Notice.  If a party is deceased, provide a death certificate with the Petition. 

“Petition for Change of Name (Minor) DR62 Step 3”

Attach a certified copy of the minor’s birth certificate to the Petition that state’s the child’s current name. 

“Petition for Change of Name (Minor) DR62 Step 4”

After paying the filing fees, you need to ask the Clerk about your county’s publication requirements.  Some counties leave the responsibility up to the petitioner, but other counties and courts arrange the publication. 

“Petition for Change of Name (Minor) DR62 Step 5”

If the petitioner did not receive consent from a parent, guardian, or custodian, the following forms need served to the party:

·  Petition for Change of Name

·  Notice

·  Order for Change of Name

·  Write of Summons

·  Attachments provided with the original forms

“Petition for Change of Name (Minor) DR62 Step 6”

If you are responsible for the publication of Notice, you need to pay the publication fees after an invoice is sent from the newspaper.  Either you or the Clerk will receive proof of the publication.  If the petitioner receives the proof, they need to submit this document with the clerk.

“Petition for Change of Name (Minor) DR62 Step 7”

After the Clerk receives proof of publication, the Petition is sent to the judge.  If any party has contested the change of name, a hearing will be scheduled.  If a hearing is requested, the petitioner needs to fill out Form DOM REL 59 and respond to the objection with 15 days. 


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