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Form CHC-103 Petition To Establish Custody And Parenting Time


The Minnesota Petition for Child Custody is the form required for Minnesota residents seeking custody of their children through the court.  This petition must be filed in order to obtain a court order for child custody in the state of Minnesota. 

The Minnesota Petition for Child Custody can be obtained by searching online or through the state court.  

This form is to be used for seeking any order of child custody, visitation, or support.  

1. First you must fill out the case caption information at the top of the form.  Include the court name, county, docket number, court file, and case type.  Put the names of the children and their dates of birth and the names of the petitioner and respondent. 

2. In part 1, indicate if you are seeking child support along with custody and visitation. 

3. State whether you are seeking joint or sole legal and physical custody of the children in parts 2 and 3. 

4. For part 4, you will need to provide information to inform the judge and back up your request for custody and visitation.  It is important that you fully answer each part.  Attach additional sheets as necessary in order to fully explain your answers. 

5. Describe in detail the custody arrangement you want, the arrangement your children want, and what the other parent wants.  

6. Describe in detail how you take care of your children and how the other parent takes care of the children. 

7. Further expand on the relationship each child has with each parent.  Be as detailed an thorough as possible, ensuring that you completely inform the court of the relationships.  If needed, provide examples of events and list the characteristics of the relationship.

8. Describe where the children live and their adjustments to new locations or schools. Provide in detail the permanent home of the children and their mental and physical health. 

9. If there is domestic abuse in your household, you must inform the court and describe the abuse that occurred.  Ensure to full explain all answers regarding domestic abuse. 

10. Detail again what you want the court to order in regards to custody and visitation of the children.  You can further expand on your reasons in part 10, in which you can directly put forth your case for your custody plan.  Use additional sheets as necessary. 

11. If seeking child support, completely fill out in detail the support arrangement you are seeking in parts 8 through 26.  Provide as much detail on your financial situation as possible.

12. Complete the form by signing your name in the presence of a notary.  

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