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Form CV-051 Affidavit Concerning Child Custody

Form CV-051 Affidavit Concerning Child Custody

The Maine Petition for Child Custody is the form required for Maine residents seeking custody of their children through the court.  This petition must be filed in order to obtain a court order for child custody in the state of Maine. 
The Maine Petition for Child Custody can be obtained by searching online or through the state court.  
This form is to be used for seeking any order of child custody, whether contested or not.  
1. First you must fill out the case caption information at the top of the form.  Include the court name, county, docket number, name of the plaintiff and name of the defendant. 
2. In part 1, list the names and dates of birth of the children to be affected by the custody order.  If more than 4 children will be included in the order, you must list the additional names on an attached sheet. 
3. In part 2, provide the current address of where the children reside.  If the children are in separate residences, indicate so on the form and state where each child lives. 
4. Next you will need to provide a complete record of where the children have resided in the past 5 years.  Provide the address, dates, and names of the people they resided with.  If you need additional room to write the locations and names, you may attach an additional sheet to the petition. 
5. In part 4, indicate if any previous cases or hearings have occurred involving the children, plaintiff, or defendant.  You must list each case and explain it for the court.  You must also list any pending cases or inform the court if a case arises after filing this petition. 
6. If any other person claims legal or physical custody of the children, you must indicate so on the final page.  If there are not, you may leave this part blank, however you must provide a detailed description if any person not named in this petition may make such a claim.
7. Complete the form by signing and dating on the final page.  You must have a notary witness your signature and certify the petition.  

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