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Form OR Assumed Business Name



Use this form to register for an assumed name in the state of Oregon.  According to the SBA, an assumed name is a name that does not directly default to the owner of the business.  For example, John White wants to set up a landscaping business.  He needs to register for an assumed name if he called the business John White Landscaping. 


“OR Assumed Business Name Step 1”

If you want to start the business with an assumed name, you can use this form.  Also, an existing corporation or LLC can change the name of the business by registering for an assumed name. 


“OR Assumed Business Name Step 2”

Write the assumed business name in section 1 of this form.  You need to search for current business names in the state before writing an assumed name.  The proposed name may be available for registration, but another person may have rights to the name. 


“OR Assumed Business Name Step 3”

Provide a description of the business in section 2.  Stat the principal place of business in section 3. 


“OR Assumed Business Name Step 4”

List the name of an authorized representative who is capable of representing all the owners in section 4.  Then, list the mailing address of the authorized representative in section 5. 


“OR Assumed Business Name Step 5”

Enter the names and street addresses of all the owners in section 6.  If another business entity is an owner, provide the address with business is transacted.  If more room is necessary, attach a separate sheet. 


“OR Assumed Business Name Step 6”

In section 7, check the boxes for the counties in which the business conducts business.  Check the box farthest to the left to select all counties. 


“OR Assumed Business Name Step 7”

All of the owners or registrants need to sign the bottom of this form.  If more room is needed, attach a separate sheet.  Make sure to provide a name and phone number for a correspondent at the bottom. 


“OR Assumed Business Name Step 8”

The filing fee for this form is $50.  Each confirmation copy is $5.  Make the check payable to Corporation Division.  Use the following address while mailing this form:


Secretary of State

Corporation Division

255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151

Salem, OR 97310-1327

Download the PDF file .