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Form L-01 Articles of Organization

Form L-01 Articles of Organization




Use this form to begin the process of forming a limited liability company in North Carolina.  Consult with an attorney before completing this form. 


“Articles of Organization L-01 Step 1”

In Article I, state the name of the limited liability company.  Make sure the name contains one of the following ending designations: limited liability company, L.L.C., ltd. limited liability co., liability co., or ltd. liability company. 


“Articles of Organization L-01 Step 2”

If there is an estimated date of dissolution for the LLC, provide a date in Article II.  If no date is entered, the company is seen as perpetual. 


“Articles of Organization L-01 Step 3”

State the names and addresses of the people executing these Articles in Article III.  Then specify if the people are members, organizers, or both.  Everyone listed in this Article needs to sign the bottom of this form. 


“Articles of Organization L-01 Step 4”

  In Article IV, list the street address for the registered office of the LLC and the county as well.  If the mailing address is different, specify the mailing address in Article V. 


“Articles of Organization L-01 Step 5”

State the name of the LLC’s registered agent in Article VI.  Make sure the registered agent is an individual resident of the state or a business entity authorized to conduct business in the state of North Carolina. 


“Articles of Organization L-01 Step 6”

If you select option (a) in Article VII, list the street address of the principal office.  If the mailing address is different, provide this address as well.  Selection option (b) if there is no principal office. 


“Articles of Organization L-01 Step 7”

Check the appropriate option in Article VIII as well.  If the LLC is member-managed, check option (i).  If the LLC is manager-managed, check option (ii). 


“Articles of Organization L-01 Step 8”

If there are any other provisions the organizers want to address, attach a separate form.  State the effective date for these Articles in Article X unless you want the documents to become effective once approved by the Secretary of State. 


“Articles of Organization L-01 Step 9”

The filing fee for this document is $125.00.  Make the check payable to Secretary of State and send the forms to the following address:


Secretary of State

Corporations Division

P.O. Box 29622

Raleigh, NC 27626-0622

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