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Form Application for Reserved Name




This form is used to reserve the name of a profit or nonprofit corporation in the state of Nebraska.  This form requires very little time to complete, but the state still strongly encourages applicants to consult with an attorney before filling out this form. 


“Application for Reserved Name Step 1”

Before filling out this form, go to the following link: https://www.nebraska.gov/sos/corp/corpsearch.cgi.  Here you can search for corporations in good or bad standing or inactive corporations.  You have the following search options:

·  name starts with

·  name keyword search

·  name sounds like

·  name exact search

·  account number


“Application for Reserved Name Step 2”

After you’ve chosen your type of search, select the type of standing from the dropdown bar and then enter your search criteria. 


“Application for Reserved Name Step 3”

You have other options for checking name availability.  For one, you can tax a request to the Secretary of State’s Office at (402) 471-3666.  You can also send a written request to the following address:


Secretary of State’s Office

P.O. Box 94608

Lincoln, NE 68509-4608


“Application for Reserved Name Step 4”

Enter the name for reservation on the first line within the form.  Make sure the corporation’s name has the proper designation as required by the state. 


“Application for Reserved Name Step 5”

The chairperson of the board of directors, the president, or a selected officer of the corporation needs to sign this form.  If the corporation has yet to form of the directors have not been chosen, an incorporator may sign this form.  The signatory needs to date the form and provide their printed name, title, and address below the signature.  


“Application for Reserved Name Step 6”

Provide a filing fee of $30.00. Send the original and a duplicate to the address at the top of the form. 


“Application for Reserved Name Step 7”

According to §21-2029, subsection (2) of the Nebraska Revise Statutes, the owner of a reserved corporate name may transfer the ownership of the reservation to another person.  In such a case, the original owner must deliver a signed notice of transfer to the Secretary of State.  The notice must include the name and address of the transferee. 

Download the PDF file .