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Form S-3 Registration Statement


A Form S-3 is a United States Securities and Exchange commission form used for securities registration.  It must be used by companies that are required to report under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Additional reports must be filed before an S-3 application can be submitted.  

The Form S-3 can be obtained through the Securities and Exchange commission’s website or by obtaining the documents through an SEC local office.  

The first step in filing a Form S-5 is to fill out the cover page, which consists of the first two pages of the Form S-5.

1. You must fill in the registration statement, which requires basic information about your company.  

2. Provide the name of the company as it appears in its charter.

3. Provide the state of incorporation, the I.R.S. Employer number, and contact information of your company.  You must provide the address of your executive offices as well as an address for your agent of service in your state of incorporation.

4. You must next state the date of planned sale to the public in the final line. 

5. Once your basic information is provided, you must go through the next lines and check the appropriate boxes that correspond to your securities registration.  

6. Calculate your registration fee by checking with the fee schedule located in SEC Rule 547, you must calculate your fees based on class of securities, amount to be registered, offering price per unit and total maximum offering price.  

7. You must read through the pages of instruction provided in Form s-3 to ensure that your securities registration is conducted properly.  Follow through with the additional filings that may be required before moving on to the next steps. 

8. The SEC Form S-3 provides instructions for preparation of your prospectus in order to be compliant with SEC public offering regulations. 

9. Use sections I and II to complete your prospectus and ensure that your prospectus contains all of the required parts needed for registration. You must have all parts listed in items 1 through 13. 

10. Once your prospectus is complete and all filings are in line with the instructions of the Form S-3, the representative of the company must sign and date the final page, stating the time and place of the signing.  

11. The form must also be signed by all executive officers of the company.

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