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Form FL Partnership Registration Statement

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Form FL Partnership Registration Statement




This form allows two or more individuals and/or business entities to form a partnership in the state of Florida.  If additional help is needed with this form, you should hire an attorney.


“FL Partnership Registration Statement Step 1”

Provide the name of the partnership on the first line of the form.  Make sure the name of the partnership is not already registered under the Florida Department of State. 


“FL Partnership Registration Statement Step 2”

List the state and county of the partnership’s formation in part 2.  List the partnership’s federal employer identification (FEI) number in part 3.


“FL Partnership Registration Statement Step 3”

List the street address for the chief executive office in part 4.  Provide the street number, street name, city, state, zip code, and country if outside of the US. 


“FL Partnership Registration Statement Step 4”

If a principal office exists within the state of Florida, list the street address for the office in part 5.  Otherwise, leave this section blank.


“FL Partnership Registration Statement Step 5”

Check the appropriate box in part 6.  Check the first box if you’re attaching a list of names and mailing address for all partners and Florida registration numbers for business entities.  Check the second box if a registered agent is responsible for maintaining a similar list. 


“FL Partnership Registration Statement Step 6”

Provide the name and street address for the registered agent in the second section of part 6.  Provide a Florida registration number if the registered agent is a business entity.  If any of the partners are business entities, provide the name of the entity and their Florida registration number in the third section of part 6. 


“FL Partnership Registration Statement Step 7”

If the partnership wants to postpone the effective date, provide a specific date in part 7.  Two partners need to provide their signatures at the bottom of this form and print their name below their signature. 


“FL Partnership Registration Statement Step 8”

The partnership needs to provide a cover sheet with this form.  Provide the name of the partnership at the top of the form and a name and contact information for correspondence. 


“FL Partnership Registration Statement Step 9”

Provide a minimum filing fee of $50.00 with this form.  If you’re mailing the form, use the following address:


Registration Section

Division of Corporations

Clifton Building

2661 Executive Center Circle

Tallahassee, Florida 32301

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