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Form DE Certificate of Incorporation

Form DE Certificate of Incorporation




This form is used to establish a stock corporation in the state of Delaware.  The state of Delaware requires all business entities to have a registered agent.  The registered agent must be an individual or a business entity that is allowed to engage in business within the state.  The agent needs a physical address in the state as well. 


“DE Certificate of Incorporation Step 1”

Provide the name of the stock corporation in the first section of this form.  You can reserve the name of the corporation before filing this form as well.  The filing fee for name reservation is $75.00, and the reservation will last 120 days.  Visit the following link for more information: https://corp.delaware.gov/howtoform.shtml


“DE Certificate of Incorporation Step 2”

Provide location of the registered office in the second section of this form.  Provide the street number and name, city, county, and zip code.  Provide the name of the registered agent in the last part of section two. 


“DE Certificate of Incorporation Step 3”

Do not adjust the third section.  This section is required by state law and states the corporation will engage in lawful practices under the General Corporation Law of Delaware. 


“DE Certificate of Incorporation Step 4”

Provide the number of authorized shares on the first line in the fourth section.  Provide the estimated par value of each share on the second line. 


“DE Certificate of Incorporation Step 5”

Provide the full name and mailing address of the incorporator in the fifth section.  If additionally space is needed for more incorporators, attach an additional sheet. 


“DE Certificate of Incorporation Step 6”

Each incorporator needs to sign the bottom of this form.  The date of the signatures needs provided in the paragraph above the signatures, and each incorporator needs to print their name below their signature.


“DE Certificate of Incorporation Step 7”

The filing fee for this form is $89.00 and $9.00 for every additional page.  If you request a certified copy from the Division of Corporations, you need to provide a $50 fee as well.  Filings fees may be affected by the value of the authorized stock as well. 


“DE Certificate of Incorporation Step 8”

Mail the forms by First Class, Federal Express, or UPS to the following address:


Division of Corporations

John G. Townsend Building

401 Federal Street

Suite 4

Dover, DE 19901

Download the PDF file .