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New York Guardianship Forms

Other New York Legal Forms

Form ST-100 Quarterly Sales and Use Tax Return
Form POA-1 Power of Attorney
Form UD-2 Verified Complaint Action for Divorce
Net Worth Statement
Form IT-2104-P Annuitant's Request for Income Tax Withholding
Form Verified Answer (Sample)
Form GF-17 Petition-Custody, Visitation
Form DRL 255 Addendum
Form IT-201 Resident Income Tax Return
Form CT-400-MN Estimated Tax for Corporation
Form CT-3-S New York S Corporation Franchise Tax Return
Form ST 121 Sales and Use Tax Exempt Use Certificate
Form CT-4 General Business Corporation Franchise Tax Return Short Form
Form DOH-2168 Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage
Form ST-100 NYS and Local Sales and Use Tax Return
Form UD-8 Child Support Worksheet
Petition for Ancillary Probate
Form UCS-124 Demand Letter
Form DOS-1239-f-l Certificate Incorporation
Form CIV-SC-70 Statement of Claim (Commercial Claims)

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