Form Name Change-Minor

Form Name Change-Minor


Form Name Change-Minor



“Name Change-Minor Step 1”

A parent or legal guardian needs to initially complete the following forms:

·   Verified Complaint (Form A)

·   Order Fixing Date of Hearing (Form B)

·   Final Judgment (Form C)

·   Civil Case Information Statement (Form F)

A parent or legal guardian is encouraged to work with an attorney while completing these forms. 

“Name Change-Minor Step 2”

Make copies of all these forms and file the originals and copies with the court.  There will be a filing fee of $200.00, and make sure you provide the Clerk with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 

“Name Change-Minor Step 3”

The court will send your filed copies and provide a docket number and court information.  If the minor is in a pending criminal or delinquent case, you need to send copies of the Verified Complaint and Order Fixing Date of the Hearing to the Prosecutor in the county where the case is currently being held. 

“Name Change-Minor Step 4”

The petitioner for the minor must publish the Order Fixing Date of Hearing with a local newspaper or one approved by a judge.  The publication must occur at least two weeks before the hearing. 

“Name Change-Minor Step 5”

After the publication, the newspaper will send an affidavit.  The petitioner needs to make a copy of the affidavit and submit the original to the court. 

“Name Change-Minor Step 6”

A copy of the Verified Complaint and the Order need sent to the other parent’s last known address.  The copies must be sent by certified mail, and the petitioner needs to ask for a return receipt.  Make the petitioner receives the return receipt, they need to complete Proof of Mailing (Form D) and check each person who received copies. 

“Name Change-Minor Step 7”

Attend the hearing and be prepared to ask questions in front of the judge.  If the judge approves the change of name for the minor, he or she will sign a Final Judgment. 

“Name Change-Minor Step 8”

The Final Judgment needs published in the local newspaper within 20 days after the hearing and shall not include the child’s social security number.  After the petitioner receives an affidavit for the second publication, the original needs submitted to the court. 

“Name Change-Minor Step 9”

The petition needs to order certified copies of the Final judgment in order to change the minor’s important records. 

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