Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney




If you wish to grant someone legal authority to handle certain aspects of your life, you should complete a Montana Statutory Form Power of Attorney form. This document is currently being revised by the Montana State Legislature and a new form should be expected in October 2012. The document provided here will be considered legally binding if you copy and paste it, inserting text as needed.


Statutory Form Power of Attorney Step 1: Insert your name and address, as well as that of your representative, where indicated in the first paragraph.


Power of Attorney Step 2: 13 different aspects of authority are listed, including litigation, tax concerns and business transactions. If you wish for your representative to have authority over all of these, place your initial next to line N. If you wish to specify which powers they have, place your initials to the areas you are granting them authority over. You do not need to strike through the powers you are not granting.


Power of Attorney Step 3: If any powers you wish to grant are not enumerated, you may specify these blow.


Power of Attorney Step 4: If you wish for this form to take effect at a later date or in the event of a certain situation, stipulate this above.


Power of Attorney Step 5: This document will automatically revoke all previous powers of attorney, provided you have met the conditions of those documents. Note if you do not wish for this to be the case.


Power of Attorney Step 6: Note whether you wish for this document to continue to be in effect or to be revoked if you become disabled or otherwise medically incapable of making your own decisions.


Power of Attorney Step 7: Note whether or not you wish for this agent to be appointed in charge of your estate or in charge of you if necessary.


Power of Attorney Step 8: You may wish to list successors in order of preference in case your chosen representative is not available when needed.


Power of Attorney Step 9: Both you and your representative should sign and date this document in front of a notary official. 

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