AF FORM 988 Leave Request/Authorization

AF FORM 988 Leave Request/Authorization


An AF Form 988 is a United States Air Force form is used for requesting and authorizing leave from service.  The form has three parts, all of which must be filled out to request and have the leave authorized.  

The AF Form 988 is available on the United States Air Force documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command. 

The first section of the AF Form 988 is to be filled out by the Air Force member requesting leave.  

1. The requesting member must provide their general information in boxes 1 through 6.  This information must include their name, social security number, date of request, grade, leave balance, and type of transaction if the requesting member is an officer. 

2. If the Air Force member requires convalescent leave (to recover from medical issues or injury), the recommended time for leave must be provided in box 7.  

3. In box 8, provide the type of leave requested, with any additional remarks if necessary. 

4. Boxes 9 through 20 require detailed information about your requested leave.  Provide the number of days of leave, the dates, where you will be, your address during your leave, an emergency contact number during your leave, and any duty information that may apply to you. 

5. The member must sign the acknowledgment in box 21, with the supervising officer signing and approving the leave.  

6. If the requesting an extended period of leave, a supervisor or commander must approve of the leave in boxes 26 through 33. 

7. Once all of this information has been provided in the first page of the AF Form 988, you must provide the same information on each of the next 2 pages of the form.  The boxes are identical, so provide the same information for each sheet.

8. Page 2 of the AF Form 988 will require that you record your data of leave if the leave is taking place outside of the continental United States.  This information should be provided in section II of the second page.  

9. The third page of the AF Form 988 is to be used at the conclusion of your leave.  The top section, which will require the same information as the first page, must be filled out and submitted at the time of leave requested.  The form will be given back and the member on leave must fill out section  III must report on their leave upon their return.  

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