Form Complaint

Form Complaint

Form Complaint


If you are representing yourself in a North Dakota divorce, you may file a complaint to initiate the separation process. This article discusses the North Dakota Complaint filed by one spouse against another. This Form 2 is available both by itself and as part of a larger simple divorce self-representation packet available on the website of the North Dakota Supreme court.

North Dakota Complaint 2 Step 1: At the top of the page, enter the name of the county where your case will be processed.

North Dakota Complaint 2 Step 2: Enter your name above "Plaintiff" and that of your spouse above "Defendant."

North Dakota Complaint 2 Step 3: In section two, give the date of your marriage and the city or county and state where it took place.

North Dakota Complaint 2 Step 4: On the second page, enter the date you are completing the form. Sign the document and provide your complete street address.

North Dakota Complaint 2 Step 5: This form should be submitted along with a Summons form to the clerk of court where you are located. A filing fee will be assessed unless you submit an application for a waiver.

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