Form Articles of Amendment (LLC) (Sample)

Form Articles of Amendment (LLC) (Sample)

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This form provides specific instructions for the Articles of Amendment.  These instructions paraphrase the instructions.  You can find the official form under the Colorado Secretary of State. 

“Articles of Amendment (LLC) (Sample) Step 1”

Provide the ID number that was issued to your LLC by the Colorado Secretary of State.  DO NOT include your state or federal tax number. 

“Articles of Amendment (LLC) (Sample) Step 2”

Provide the name of your limited liability company as it appears in records under the Colorado Secretary of State.  If you’re using the amendment to change the name of the LLC, provide the established name beforehand. 

“Articles of Amendment (LLC) (Sample) Step 3”

If any of the prohibited or restricted words appear in the name of your LLC, check the appropriate box.  If more than one prohibited word appears, choose the best word that represents your LLC. 

“Articles of Amendment (LLC) (Sample) Step 4”

If you’re amending other parts of the Articles of Organization, you need to attach separate sheets describing the other amendments being made. 

“Articles of Amendment (LLC) (Sample) Step 5”

If the amendments to the Articles of Organization are permanent, check the appropriate box.  If the changes are not perpetual, provide the specific date when the amendments will no longer apply. 

“Articles of Amendment (LLC) (Sample) Step 6”

If you want the amendments within the Articles of Organization delayed, you need to provide a delayed effective date along with a specific Mountain Time.  If you do not list a specific time, the amendments will become effective at midnight on the date specified.  You can delay the changes to the original Articles of Organization for up to 90 days.  After 90 days, the changes will automatically become effective. 

“Articles of Amendment (LLC) (Sample) Step 7”

Provide the name and addresses of the person responsible for delivering or filing this document.  If more than one person has responsibility, list all names and addresses.  The perjury notice applies to the person or persons responsible for filing this document.  If you have more questions, you need to ask your attorney. 

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